Rebranding & Packaging

  • Client: Local Food Specialties
  • Year: 2020
  • Creative Art: Tudor Cucu
  • Creative copy: Calin Marcu


Razvan’s quest begun seven years ago in the forest gardens surrounding his hometown, in a place called Idicel Padure. His mission was to cultivate the wisdom of health and wealth preserved within the guardian communities of Carpathian forest gardens through a culture of slow food.

Today the brand portfolio includes more than 15 products from different categories. All made out of authentic recipes like the well-known “zacusca”, sweet delicious fruit jam, traditional salads and bean-to-bar chocolate.

His vision is to further recover, promote, and innovate rustic cuisine in the intra-Carpathian agricultural landscape, creating a circular system that gives back to the communities that helped preserve the delicious recipes and products.

After our first visit to Idicel-Padure, everything made sense. Before anything else comes his commitment to the pleasure of food prepared with patience and with his own hands.


The main problem we had to solve was the alignment between the different ranges of products, which all looked different in terms of design and even had different naming. Our design challenge was to bring visibility in trade and portray the secret of each product, being slow-cooked by hand in Idicel.

We started from the common aspect of all the products, who was Razvan himself, the brand owner, and curator of all the delicious recipes found in Idicel. For us, it was no surprise that the food tastes so good. Everything is being prepared with local ingredients and by the hands of the locals.

The simplicity of life offers the greatest beauty,  so we could easily identify three premises as answers to our design principles: the roots and heritage Idicel has to offer, the rare craftsmanship of slow-cooked food & the strong character of Razvan that reflects the Romanian spirit, being the epitome of welcoming.


We put all our efforts to empower the brand Razvan through the invaluable legacy preserved from our ancestors in ‘Idicel Padure’. You can’t talk about Razvan without mentioning the place that made him and his products successful. Therefore we changed the brand name that endorses all the product range, into “Razvan Idicel”, paying a tribute to the place where everything had started.


We created a kit of parts that includes the newly redesigned logo and brand name  ‘Razvan Idicel’, the hand as a mark of taste authenticity, Razvan – the curator of authentic rural recipes and a wordmark of Idicel Padure, which are present throughout all the packaging designs.


The visual hierarchy starts from the symbol of hand that includes the logo stamp ‘Razvan Idicel’, followed by the specially designed pattern used as a supporting background. The other elements present on the sides bring authenticity to the product and tells more about the story of Idicel.  Typography paid a special role to emphasize the process of slow-cooked food and the spirit of the locals. The iconic symbol of the hand present on all the product range shows that every ingredient is handpicked and prepared further with their own hands, without using any industrial machines.

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