Branding & Interior Design

  • Client: Craft Beer Shop
  • Year: 2018
  • Creative: Tudor Cucu
  • Architect: Andreea Ionescu
  • Graphic Designer: Vlad Sorescu


The first specialized retail concept dedicated exclusively to beers and cider. Both handcrafted with passion in Romanian micro-breweries from all over the country, for people eager to always try something new.

The story of the largest Romanian craft beer shop begins in the summer of 2018 once with the opening of the first store in Bucharest, Dorobanti, followed by the opening of the second store in Agora Floreasca in 2019.

The main goal is to bring diversity and best beer quality closer to the public, encouraging the consumption of local craft beer and help increase the number of local producers.


Starting from the name, the whole branding revolves around the idea of celebrating the process of brewing beer. The logo together with the murals drawn in each of our shops invites people to take a moment and experience the taste of the handpicked craft beers. Each product tag had been created custom to tell more about the perfect serving occasion and what other food suits the taste of beer and its ingredients.

The success of the first opened store led us to involve even more in the process of opening the second store from Agora Floreasca. Our close collaboration with the start-up owners enabled us to create the first crowd-funding campaign for a retail shop in Romania.

Therefore we launched the campaign “Bere buna la indemana”  with a dedicated micro-site where beer fans could donate and buy in advance special beer packages. All to help open the second store and encourage local beer consumption. Besides the crates of beers, the packages included merchandise promoting their favorite local store and their name added on our Wall of Fame. All the funds raised were transparently exposed on the website and used to buy the equipment needed.

Starting from the first sketches to the final renderings, Arch. Andreea Ionescu successfully embedded the brand story in the interior design of the shop opened in Agora Floreasca. The whole approach creates an industrial atmosphere making the most out of the 40 square meters.

The shop includes two areas: an island bar located at the entrance of the store that highlights an installation made from recycled bottles and a more intimate area to reward our community with beer tasting experiences.


Branding & Interior design

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